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Before you disassembly the console for install its strongly recommended you check all the below information even if you have xbrflashed a console before.
First Step: Determine the Mainboard of the console
The above can be done simply looking at the power plug in the back of the console and looking at the next picture.

Alternatively, there is another way to identify them for consumption in Ampere (see label on the power connector on the console) but this detection is not 100% trustable if your console has been returned from a repair center:

·         Jasper - 12.1 amps Consumption

·         Falcon and Opus - Consumption 14.2 amps

·         Zephyr and Xenon - Consumption 16.5 amps

Next: If your console is a JASPER determine if its a normal 16MB nand or a 256/512 Big block nand

All mainboards except the internal nand Jasper have 16 megabytes. En el caso de las Jasper, pueden ser de 16, 256 o 512mb. In the case of Jasper, can be 16, 256 or 512mb. Estas dos últimas son las llamadas Arcade o Bignand, que llevan Memory Unit interna. The latter two are called Arcade or Bignand, leading internal Memory Unit.

Do not trust what the box sets to buy the Xbox, can be wrong. Se puede saber encendiendo la consola sin el disco duro ni tarjeta de memoria, yendo al NXE > Configuración > Memoria y viendo si aparece una Memory Unit (MU), es de 256 o 512 (depende del tamaño que tenga): You can tell by turning on the console without the hard drive or memory card, going to the NXE> Setsoldergs> Memory and see if there is a Memory Unit (MU), is 256 or 512 (depending on the size you have).

Next: Determine if the Kernel you console currently has is exploitable

Your kernel must be kernel 2.0.7371.0 or lower for this to work.  You can check your kernel by turning on your console and going to system info tab. Check the below picture for reference. If your kernel is below the 7371 its strongly recomended you do the update to the 7371, you can do it by downloading this file and unzip on the root of an usb pendrive and insert the pen drive into the 360 console usb port (any usb port would work).

Note: There is another extra step to check if your console is 100% exploitable wich is check the CB code but for doing that you need first to read the nand so please proceed to install nandflasher on your console now.

Next: Install the nandflasher.

The instalation can be done in 2 ways, one is use the supplied quicksolder pads (extra sets for new consoles sold separatelly), the other way isdoing a direct solder of the wires on the mainboard.

Doing the quicksolder way is lot easier, all you need to do is align the supplied quicksolder boards to the mainboard according to the following document and solder on the red spot locations.
Quicksolder Placement on all Mainboards

* Note1: Module C (Jtag)is not required to read/write the nand, but will be required once your console is flashed with XBR to be able to boot. (XBR j-tag the console at boot). OLD Method this does NOT work with RGH.

** Note2: Module C has a Resistor on it to make it compatible with almost all Mainboards but there are some units that fails (E79) when booting with XBR flashed when this resistor is place, if you have issues with your console you can bridge the jumper in Module C (called JMP A) on the module pcb. No need to remove the resistor or put another one, just bridge JMP A if you have issues booting xbr.

Once you finish the soldering all you need to do is plug the quicksolder modules to the nandflasher, use the following document as reference:
Wire plug directions for quicksolder modules V1.0 (PDF)

Also we have this 2 videos to show the quicksolder process and the 2nd part show the dump of the nand:



Want to bite the bullet and skip quicksoldering? This guides show you how to wire the nandflasher direct to your mainboard based on color codes. Choose the appropiate to your board.:
Direct Solder directions for Xenon Boards V1.0 (PDF)

Direct Solder directions for Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper Boards V1.0 (PDF)
Direct Solder directions forTrinity

Next: Install nandpro drivers on the PC

Now you need to install the Nandpro Windows USB drivers. These drivers were supplied by Tiros and packaged with his Nandpro application (Full Credit goes to him, we packaged the 360 nandflasher flashed with nandpro firmware on it with his acknowledge).

  • Download the nandpro file here
  • Extract the rar on a folder on your pc (by example: c:\nandpro)
  • Browse to that folder and install Port95nt.exe. Note, if you are running windows vista or windows 7 you need run it in "compatibility mode for XP", to set that mode just right click over the file before run it.
  • Plug in your 360nandflasher unit to the PC on any usb port, if prompted for driver choose the one located in c:\nandpro\custom.inf
Other Very useful Utilities:

There are also some very useful utilities to make the full xbr flash process faster and in some cases automatic, here are the most important tools listed with their download links. Make sure you understand the meaning of each tool before use it to accomplish a particular part of the process. Credit of this applications goes to their respective authors. This are the latest versions at the moment of this writting (Apr 5 2010).

Download Link
USB Drivers Win 7 x64 >> DOWNLOAD HERE <<
360 Multi Builder v 0.4 (Added 6751 support) >> DOWNLOAD HERE <<
Nandpro 3.0a >> DOWNLOAD HERE <<
J-Runner 0.2 (build 278) (once installed let it update to latest version) >> DOWNLOAD HERE <<
Build a NAND Flasher programming cable Tutorial to upgrade to Latest release with Nandpro 3.0 >> DOWNLOAD HERE <<
Maximus Stinger Guide (WIP) >> DOWNLOAD HERE <<
This is a an easy to use All in one application, basically it dumps the nand, patch it and flash the xbr image to your console, it also performs compatibility checks.
Jtag Tool v4.2
An all-in-one GUI installer to create and put freeBOOT on your hackable Xbox 360. (keywords: 360 jtag hack, 360 reset glitch hack, RGH) Features: - Creating FreeBOOT 9199,12611, 12625, 13146, 13599, 13604 (Phat Console) - Creating FreeBOOT 13599,13604 (Slim Console) - Reset Glitch Support - Alternate SMC Xell & Freeboot - Install Xellous - Install Images - Bad Block Remaping - Get KV Info - KV Editor - UN-Ban Feature - Get CPU Key Easily - Works With USB or LPT - Ability To Remove FreeBOOT - Generation FreeBOOT in a click. - Nice interface. - Built In Help (Tutorial) - Convert XBReboot To Original Nand - Repair Bad Nand - Nand Compare - Capture Card (CPU Key Snap-Shot) - MS Update. New in this rel: - Reset Glitch Support - New Dash Support(13604) All Consoles - Easy Mode - Advanced Mode - Complete Interface Change - Proper Xellous Files - Nand Pro Updated - New Install Images
Freeboot Toolbox 0.04 Maker v2.8 (13604)
Added support for RGH
360 Flash tool v0.97
Only works on 16MB nands by now but its a very useful application, to check the CB and the CD code, it also (if you supply the CPU keys) will show you the dvd drive model and dvd drive keys). To know how to retrieve your CPU keys once your console is xbrflashed read the "XBR Setup" guide above. To learn more about what else can you do with this tool check this forum link at xbox-scene.


isten varios métodos para conocer la versión de la placa base de Xbox