Welcome to 360 Nandflasher website, the official home of 360 Nandflasher and Maximus Stinger
(Added Official Stinger 4 Install Diagrams)
SOFTWARE/DRIVERS Nandflasher USB Drivers for Win7 (32 and 64 bit)
Nandflasher USB Drivers for Win8 (32 and 64 bit)
(You should NOT need to do Driver signing disable)
J-Runner Software
Nandpro 3.0 (if you like type commands manually)
SDTOOLS 1.8 (Jan 9 2013) (if you like type commands manually)
Determine Board Version / Determinar Version de Placa
Get the Dashboard Version / Determinar Version de Dashboard
Determine Type of RGH to USE / Determinar tipo de RGH a Usar
Determine if the Board require Bridging or POST Fix / Determinar si Placa require Puente o POST Fix
Wiring NandFlasher to Phat (any phat board) / Conectando Nandflasher a Phat
Wiring Nandflasher to Trinity Board / Conectando Nandflasher a Trinity
Wiring Nandflasher to Corona Vx Boards / Conectando Nandflasher a Corona Vx
Manual for SDTOOL for Corona 4GB Boards (English) / Manual para SDTOOl Corona 4GB (espa�ol)
Wiring a Nandflasher to Stinger / Conectando Nandflasher a Stinger
Wiring a Nand-x to Stinger / Conectando Nand-X a Stinger
Programming the Stinger with Nandpro or JRunner  /Programando Stinger con Nandpro o J-Runner
XSVF Files for Stinger Programming.
* Stinger 4.x can be programmed with the same Coolrunner/CR 3 Lite files (just use j-runner option "Flash Coolrunner")
** In order to flash Stinger 3.x with the Coolrunner/CR3 Lite files you need to do a Led Bridge as showns here
Add Oscilator to Stinger 3.x / Agregar Oscilador a Stinger 3.x
(Stinger 4 comes with oscilator / Stinger 4 ya trae Oscilador integrado)
PHAT RGH1 Install Diagram
PHAT RGH2 Install Diagram
Trinity RGH 1 Install With Wires  /   With QSB
Slim Corona / Corona 4GB Install English  /  Espa�ol
PHAT RGH1 Install Diagram
PHAT RGH2 Install Diagram
Trinity RGH 1 Install Diagram
Corona / Corona 4GB Install Diagram
OTHER INFO Using Xtractor as COM PORT Monitor / Usando Xtractor como Monitor de Puerto COM.
Just wire the xtractor as follows, make sure you have installed the Xtractor FTDI drivers.
Xtractor 1.x
Xtractor 2.x
Xtractor 3.x
Using Lizard as COM Port Monitor with ONSCREEN Xell Status PREVIEW HERE / *Video Here*
Wiring information v1.1

New Stinger 4 !! With Embedded Oscilator
SD Tool for Corona 4GB Manual Available: English / Spanish
New Maximus SDTool for Corona 4GB, Estimated Shipping on Oct 1
The Maximus 4GB Kit includes 2 modes of installation that fits the installer's experience. It can be installed with a user friendly Quick-Solder Board for beginners or can be installed with a pin header kit (for experienced installers). You can reuse this tool or leave installed for External Updates

The Maximus 4GB kit include two separate modules! (*BONUS � one kit for 2 consoles)

Additional QSB or pin header modules can be purchased separately.

To ensure 100% hassle free experience we are including a compatible USB 2.0 Card Reader that will make this a 100% working solution.

  • Blazing FAST Read/Write of a Corona 4GB Model NAND (aka Corona v2)
  • Easy to install QSB adapter
  • Pin Header install module (making this a 2 in 1 kit)
  • No extra wires/cables needed to disable the onboard Clock when used with QSB
  • Integrated "sense" Enable/Disable Feature
  • External Micro-SD can be removed and the circuit disables automatically
  • External Update Feature (Installed with FFC ribbon cable routed outside the console)
  • Includes Free USB Card Reader for a 100% working solution (No need to ensure you find a correct SD reader)
  • Since this kit come with 2 install options you can actually install into 2 consoles with one single kit!!
  • Custom Reader/Writer software developed with Safest MD5 verification algorithm at blazing speed
  • Fully Compatible with any current RGH software (EX: AutoGG, Jrunner, etc.)
  • 48mb Dump is all that is needed for Corona 4GB RGH (Should also make a complete backup to be safe)
Kit Contents:
  • SD Card adapter board
  • Quick Solder Board Module
  • Pin Header Module kit
  • 2 FFC Ribbon Cable
Video of prototype:

Suggested Retail Price: $15.99 usd
ETA: Oct 1, 2012

UPDATE !! Sept , 2012: FULL RGH2 Running on Corona 4G (All boards defeated !!)

We have updated our sdtools to 1.6 version. Also we added Spanish/English/Portuguese tutorial.

BREAKING !! Sept , 2012: FULL RGH2 Running on Corona 4G (All boards defeated !!)

After days of discussion on the dayton360mods forums, we have pasted all the relevant information and developed a set of software tools (sdtool) that will allow you to boot RGH2 on your Corona 4G board today !!

The tools will make the process very simple and you dont have to mess with Winhex nor nandpro nor ecc data conversion, the sdtools does it all. Please note we are not taking credit for the procedure, we only take the steps and make software tools to make it easy and clear (at least is what we think).

Edson Dario has made a Step by Step tutorial. Please note this tutorial is rated C, only for those modders who know what they do, if you dont feel confortable reading then you can wait till other people do a more noob friendly tutorial.

Download the Tutorial Here (English/Spanish/Portuguese comming soon)

Many thanks to c0z for the guidance. And all other folks over dayton360mods.
Juggahax0r at Dayton360MoDs, Team Squirt, Zhangjiqi007, Zhaojun297,
Glitch360Team, Edson Dario, carranzafp, collions, Sileandro, nice69,c0z(joebloma)

On another topic but related, we are producing our own version of the SD-Nand programmer, we will call it the Maximus SDTOOL to match our software tool name. And hell will be cheap too !!. We will post pictures very very soon.

July 2012: Stinger 3 running on Corona !!

Thanks to Team xecuter who released free DIY method for corona we have adapted their information to use Stinger V3. All you need is a 48MHZ oscilator 3.3volts. A good part number can be this

About the Boot time we must say its very good, we have reached boot times of 15 seconds or less doing some tweaks on the install.

We have written a good step by step guide on how to make Stinger 3 work on Corona, you can find the English Version Here and the Spanish Version Here.

April 2012:
New Stinger 3.0 !
stinger logo
It is pad by pad compatible with old Stinger 2 model, it uses the same .jed or .xsvf files as previous version, the improvements are:
a) Super fast install on Slim consoles (using the new Quicksolder Slim Kit). Check the Tutorial Here
b) Ultra fast booting, success at the very first try using the above tutorial recommendations
c) Incorporate onboard capacitors for stubborn Phats

November 9, 2011:
Maximus Stinger Final photo.  Shipped from the factory and will soon be dispersed to resellers.  Maximus has put in allot of effort ito cleaning up the .JED files.

We have only 2 files needed a SLIM and a PHAT.
Note: (If using 360nandflasher with nandpro 3.0 for programming take the .xsvf files, if you using JTAG programmer with Xilinx tools you can take the .jed files)

Quick refence guides are here: SLIM and PHAT

Complete Guide: (WIP): Grab HERE

stinger logo

stinger logo



October 15, 2011:
NandPro 3.0 Releases

We have posted Nandpro 3.0 in the download section and the PDF to build you own programming cable
 for the Nandflasher using a Maximus Xtractor 1, 2 or CK3 Pro.


To invoke Nand SPI flasher use:
NandPro dev: -r# Filename (HexStartBlock HexBlockCount) ->Read
NandPro dev: -w# Filename (HexStartBlock HexBlockCount) ->Write
NandPro dev: -e# (HexStartBlock HexBlockCount) ->Erase

dev: Is hardware interface usb: or lpt:
dev: Can also be a filename:, to be used as a 'Virtual Nand Device'
Virtual device config can be forced, by appending :HexConfigValue
# Is nand size (16, 64, 256, 512) in MegaBytes
HexBlocks are optional range limits, default is entire device
-r# Read saving file RAW (with SPARE)
-R# Read saving file without SPARE
!r# Read saving only the SPARE data
-w# Write RAW (with SPARE) file
+w# Write RAW (with SPARE) file, init SPARE, block numbers, ECC
@w# Write RAW (with SPARE) file, init block numbers, ECC
*w# Write RAW (with SPARE) file, init ECC
+W# Write while ADDING SPARE from file without SPARE

To invoke Xilinx xsvf flasher use:
NandPro xsvf: XsvfInputFilename.xsvf

To invoke usb post monitor use:
NandPro post: PostLogFileName.txt

Follow instructions for USB install.
Make the following connections from the LPC2148 to the Xilinx device
Jtag conenctor:

ArmLpc Jtag Olimex Maximus

3.3v VCC EXT2.24 M1
P0.17 TCK EXT1.18 A2
P0.18 TDO EXT1.19 B3
P0.19 TDI EXT1.20 C1
P0.20 TMS EXT1.21 C2

Xilinx CPLD flashing typical command line:

Flash a .xsvf file, created by Impact, to cpld:
Nandpro xsvf: filename.xsvf

General XSVF notes:
LPT is not supported for this feature.
Requires additional connections from LPC2148 to the Xilinx jtag connector.
The Xilinx Impact tool is used to create .xsvf files. The Xilinx Impact software
records/redirects cpld operations into a binary file (.xsvf) that can be
processed by Nandpro. IE: Nandpro does not flash .jed files, but .jed files
may be directly converted to .xsvf by Impact.
See the Xilinx Impact tool for more information.

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